Winery News

Harvest Begins

grape harvest underway

On Monday, we kicked off the 2013 harvest with Merlot. Typically first among the reds to be ready for harvest, our Merlot was ready about a week early this year due to the warm summer we experienced this year. The harvest is the first step for the grapes on a long, arduous journey from vine to wine.

Tasting our First Wines

businessman holding a glass of wine

The best part of being in the wine business is product testing. Last week our members gathered for a typical meeting, with one extraordinary exception. Our vineyard manager, Damon, brought with him two of our freshly-bottled 2010 wines. As we discussed the mundane matters of the vineyard, we enjoyed an outstanding Merlot and our exciting Rhone Blend. 

2010 Vintage in Bottles

Wine bottle in a corking machine

Red Heaven's very first vintage, 2010, has made it to the bottling stage! These wines are simply fantastic: full-bodied and intense. Everything that you've come to expect from a great Red Mountain wine.  

Veraison Hits Red Mountain

Grape clusters in veraison

The first stages of veraison have arrived. It is a very exciting time for grape growers, when the berries begin to change color and start to become pliable and supple. It also signals that harvest is right around the corner.