Harvest Begins

grape harvest underway

On Monday, we kicked off the 2013 harvest with Merlot. Typically first among the reds to be ready for harvest, our Merlot was ready about a week early this year due to the warm summer we experienced this year. The harvest is the first step for the grapes on a long, arduous journey from vine to wine.

Tasting our First Wines

businessman holding a glass of wine

The best part of being in the wine business is product testing. Last week our members gathered for a typical meeting, with one extraordinary exception. Our vineyard manager, Damon, brought with him two of our freshly-bottled 2010 wines. As we discussed the mundane matters of the vineyard, we enjoyed an outstanding Merlot and our exciting Rhone Blend. 

2010 Vintage in Bottles

Wine bottle in a corking machine

Red Heaven's very first vintage, 2010, has made it to the bottling stage! These wines are simply fantastic: full-bodied and intense. Everything that you've come to expect from a great Red Mountain wine.